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Sunday, August 3, 2008

FeiWen - 3rd August - Sunday is Sunday.

Sunday is really Sunday, our work in the
Olympic Park Northern Area begins only on Monday,
so since the Welcome Volunteers event only starts at 4pm,
we decided to go out in the morning, but Jeanne Chicago,
my roommate, was not feeling well, so we went to a clinic,
a CHINESE clinic to be specific, where u can get chinese meds!
that's Helen Los Angeles in the Cap with her Fan,
i just realized they are both Americans & my roomies too!!!!
it was interesting to see the labeled drawers behind,
and a chinese medicinal practice doctor,
its just so interesting to watch, as he mix and match
since Jeanne Chicago needed to rest,
Kathy Michigan & I, went shopping with the
British, Canadian and European volunteers,
about 12 of us together in 3 cabs,
this is Kathy Michigan trying to buy a bag,
she manage to bargain from 95 to 50,
and she still thinks its EXPENSIVE????
tips from her when shopping in china
"speak mandarin, as perfect as you can,
so they wont think you're a foreigner,
and think you're rich!" hahahaha!
this is where we shopped, a WHOLESALE mall,
you can take a train/taxi to the Zoo, (near Xi Zhi Men)
walk the underground bridge to head to the opposite,
and you're right inside the mall already!
(MOVs, if u dunno how to go, call me!!!!)
we even bought matching black and white
the traditional RED ones looks freaky on us anyway.
no changing rooms, we had to hide behind the cloth,
hold up by the sales lady, where people
is still passing & shopping around the shop,
about the size of my room in Malaysia! of all things we ate, we decided to go to McDonalds!

look! even their delivery is on a BICYCLE???? i didnt take a picture of Olivia Edmonton,Canada

we were both amused by the rows of shops all in chinese!

we were walking under the scorching hot summer sun,

towards a mall to get some Official Olympics Souvenirs
And it was really pretty!!! Huan Huan (the red one)

some of his items has already sold out!!!

so i better grabbed the super important ones!!!i think the bag itself is a souvenir already!

that cost me 510 yuan...... i only have about 400 left

for shopping..... im serious...... and this is only DAY 2!????!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Wah...use more than 50% iao..cinya !

Can't use credit card meh ?