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Sunday, August 3, 2008


Mr Tey from Sinchew informed us about this news! :)
thanks, he was there alongside with 8tv, and more journalist,
to send us off and wish us well!
Joanne & Family
Loke & a journalist
Tania with 8TV
LOOK AT THAT SIGHT!!!!!! we didnt know,
it could be that special!


Anonymous said...

hi..tks..I think my foto also like a true family...but my bos don want use..cinya ...

I already email to u all.Also post in my personal multiply site..but can't view at china.


Ohya....Sin Chew Daily is correct name...cheers !!

Tey...leaving my house 9.30pm.12.30am flight...!


Anonymous said...

hi~siu chin here from special weekly...still remember me?haha~ wish u all goodluck in Beijing!加油~

Malaysian Olympic Volunteers said...

hi siuchun, and tey! thank u so much for dropping by!! :)


Anonymous said...

feiwen..u r welcome..don panic if see u IDOL ya..hehe