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Monday, September 20, 2010

Volunteer at the London 2012! Register Now!

For those who missed the last Beijing Olympic Volunteer opportunity, this is a chance for you all to consider applying to be London 2012 volunteer! good luck to you, please only register directly with the London 2012 website, we are NOT affiliated with London 2012. this is just news and updates.

The London 2012 Games Maker journey will be a long one so here are some key dates to keep in mind.

Finding up to 70,000 Games Makers is a hugely complex task. Because we want to give every application the consideration it deserves, the journey to becoming a London 2012 volunteer will take longer than a typical application process.

To help you understand what happens when, we have listed some key dates for you to remember. These dates are approximate but we will keep you informed as we go along.

  • 27 July 2010 London 2012’s official Games Maker programme launched for pre-identified applicants for specialist roles, as well as for special interest groups and members of pre-identified disability organisations.
  • 15 September 2010 Applications open to the public for generalist roles and continue for specialist roles. All applicants are required to complete anapplication form.
  • January 2011 LOCOG will start inviting short-listed applicants to a selection event.
  • February 2011–February 2012 Selection events will take place and all invited applicants will be interviewed.
  • Last three months of 2011 LOCOG will start sending out offers to successful applicants.
  • February 2012 Orientation training will begin.
  • February 2012 Role-specific training will begin.
  • April 2012 Venue training will begin.
  • Late April 2012 Distribution of uniforms and accreditation passes will beg

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Join the Games

On going events...
29 Jun - 7 Jul, 1st Asian Youth Games, Singapore: ayg2009.ssc.gov.sg
16 - 26 Jul, The World Games, Kaohsiung: www.worldgames2009.tw/

Be a volunteer now! check following website for registration ~
15 - 19 Aug, ASEAN Para Games, Kuala Lumpur: http://www.aseanparagameskl09.org.my/

14 - 26 Aug, 1st Youth Olympic Games, Singapore: www.singapore2010.sg/
12 - 27 Nov, Asian Games, Guangzhou: www.gz2010.cn/
12 - 19 Dec, Asian Para Games, Guangzhou: www.gzapg2010.cn/

coming up next~
11-13 Sep, Asian Youth Para Games, Tokyo: www.tokyo2009.jp/english/
9 - 18 Dec, SEA Games, Vientiane, Laos: 25thseagames.blogspot.com/ OR en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2009_Southeast_Asian_Games

3 - 14 Oct, Commonwealth Games, New Delhi: www.cwgdelhi2010.org/

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Official Website Of GZ Asian Games

Dear all,

For those interested to become volunteer in Guangzhou Asian Games 12 Nov - 27 Nov 2010, please follow up latest news from the official website of the organising committee : www.gz2010ag.org

We hope more Malaysians will join the voluntary works in the major sports event in this continent.

Gong Xi Fa Cai !!!


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

NEWS: Guangzhou Asian Games 2010

The Guangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee (GAGOC) will recruit as many as 60,000 volunteers during an upcoming Asian Games 2010, an official said. Prior to the Games, the GAGOC will also recruit about 1,000 volunteers, who will be arranged to give assistance in different departments within the organizing committee, said Xu Ruisheng, vice mayor of Guangzhou.

In terms of volunteering work, Beijing has shown us a good example to integrate social assistance for the Beijing Olympic Games. And now, we are calling on the public to actively take part in the volunteer services for the upcoming Asian Games in 2010," Xu said at the launching ceremony of the volunteer recruitment. Sports City, 23rd September 2008

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Beijing Volunteers Group Photo

sent to us by our very kind Mr. Coordinator, 
Zhou Lie Min Teacher, of Jiao Tong University. 
its too small sorry.
pics from Martin's album (volunteer from Cambridge, England)
ooooh, look at the map!!!~~

Friday, September 19, 2008

Message from the CEO of Sunshine Youth Malaysia.







Message from the CEO of Sunshine Youth Malaysia, Mr Loh Chew June.

"As CEO of Sunshine Youth Malaysia cum Malaysian Olympic Volunteer selection committee chairman. I am glad to see our volunteers and their outstanding performance during beijing olympic 2008. Our 10 MOVS received high remarks from the Chinese Embassy in Malaysia and also from the Beijing Olympic Council as well."

"As malaysian, we are proud of our volunteers performance. They are not only volunteers but also inevitably carry the invisible duty as Tourism Malaysia ambassidor in Beijing, by helping to distribute Visit Malaysia flyers to various participants throughout the Olympic Games."

"MOVS, I am really proud of you. Keep it up and we are planning to send more volunteers to others major sports events in the near future. 

Malaysia boleh ! MOVS boleh !"

Loh Chew June
CEO, Sunshine Youth Malaysia.

Sunday, September 14, 2008








Tuesday, September 9, 2008

brief list of international sports events

hi all, movs and strangers included,
its fei wen here.
i dont know if u get the same response so far,
after your return from beijing,
many people are keen to learn about ur experience,
look at your photos and admire ur courage,
appreciate your work, and wish to know how they
can also experience a once in a lifetime experience?
i think its really meaningful, to be able to share,
hehe, dont scold me BUT like i always say, haha!!
"little things that we do has such big positive effect
to even people we dont know! :)"
i was just writing a msg to a friend,
and i realize how much i wanted her to realize
and participate this volunteer experience as well,
i think sports are the easiest to accommodate,
cos it brings and unite people together,
objective is important and personal interest,
you can choose to volunteer in charity organization
such as mercy malaysia or world vision program,
but because i know i cant handle the idea
that people is suffering in front of me,
and i cant help them, i'd be devastated,
and also because im not confident with charity org,
i even use to consider to voluneer in U.N.
but because i dont have a specific skill
that seem to fit the picture (& no confidence)
i've long let the idea pass, and i realize the hyper me
are more suitable for outdoor and people oriented
events such as SPORTS!!!!
NOW,these are the sports events i would be looking at,
if i was not chosen as volunteer for the Beijing Olympics.
These are linked to the official or volunteers site,
please mouse over the words if you wish,
please note that with smaller sports events
you might NOT SEE a volunteers site.
that doesn't mean you have no way at all!
it means you have to put in extra effort!
to find the contact yourself :) BUT BE WISE!
World Games 2009, Kaohsiung, Taiwan (July)
SEA Games 2009, Laos, (December)
Olympic Winter Games 2010, Vancouver, Canada (Feb)
World Cup 2010, South Africa (June-July)
Asian Games 2010, Guangzhou, China (November)
Commonwealth Games 2010, Delhi (October)
London Summer Olympics, 2012 (July/August)
So....what do you like?
be wise, be confident
impossible is nothing
(Adidas slogan!! haha)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Xie Xie, Thank You, Terima Kasih, Merci Beaucoup, Obrigada, Arigato, Hapkhunka, Kamsahameeda, Nandree

Dear All,

I'm back home in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and happy to meet you guys here again! Before I post some of my interesting pictures, there are some important things that I need to do first...:)
Please allow me to thank several people for the wonderful Beijing Olympics experience. Without them, my trip wouldn't be as smooth and memorable as it is now! THANK YOU infinity to -

1. Mr.Loh
2. Big Bro, KK Tang
3. Fei Wen...you are the best!
4. All the other Malaysian Volunteers for caring for me always. I am VERY touched. (they really treated me like a baby...especially Dr. Lim) Thanks Kwang Yen for sending me off, Joyce, Joanne for being such helpful friends, Sean, Loke and Dr.Heng for bringing laughters.
5. Hao Qiang Lao She and Wang Jing Lao She
6. My fellow venue mates and hostel mates!!!!Love you guys lots...thank you Fiona, Minq, Ivy, Lisa, Dan Dan and all the others for the great company.
7. The midnight crew, Michael, Isaac,Alex, Luo, Jerry, Yang....you guys rock!
8. My cousin Sharon and Auntie Christie for their awesome hospitality (we need more time for shopping).

Gosh, am getting emotional now...relax girl....breathe in & out...hahaha...now to the pictures...happy viewing and I didn't regret for not going for my Convocation in University of Malaya!Beijing Olympics 2008, YOU are already part of me

Welcoming dinner by Qiao Ban for Wukesong Chinese Overseas Volunteer (I am in the 1st row,in brown)

Taking the Oath on behalf of the Chinese Overseas Volunteers. (I am next to the flag)

Entrance to the Baseball Venue

Huge poster..hahaha :)

Ticketing during Night Shift

Ivy and I DID it! 1500++ pieces
Spectators Services during Morning Shift

Under the HOT and SUNNY sun...
Working Equipment 1 (Tickets and Pass censor)
Working Equipment 2 (Mini Amplifier)

Till the next time, I promise more pictures to come.hehehe, got to go soon...have been in the internet cafe for coming 4 hours!For those you want to see more, do log into Facebook.




Hi Khaitzong,

this is feiwen here, saw your msg from themovs.blogspot chat box.
just thought i'd write u a brief email. not that i can help you,
but here's what u can do to keep yourself updated regarding the London Olympics 2012. :) :) :)
whatever volunteer or plans you wish to embark on, first, KNOW YOUR OBJECTIVE.

ask yourself, what is your objective? before you consider anything further, with a clear objective, you will see a clearer direction for yourself, do you know your objective?

Another important tips, every volunteer experience is unique. :)
Even between the 10 of us, we have 101 and different story to share!
So be it volunteering in sports, charity, kids, homeless, animal, etc....
You may realize you're good at something that you've never realize before!

After thinking abt your objective, you can maybe start with babysteps,
like below, thats what i would do, if i were to plan for London Olympics 2010,
its NOT a full proof plan, its only a guide though im sure you can do better. :)

1. keep checking the London Olympics 2012 official website, at the moment, the recruitment has not started yet.
2. if u have yahoo email or gmail, you can subscribe to their News Alert Services,(not sure if hotmail provides it, its a lousy email tool anyway!) news alerts are very helpful. just put in the keywords 'london olympics volunteer' it will generate international and local news related to the keywords
3. Do visit out blog once in a while, we may not have any updates now as these are all still under planning, it will take some time, do be patient, but we shall update our blog if we do come across any related news.
4. In the meantime, there are many other volunteers event locally, you could get yourself involved with local organization or take up a skill, if you're interested to experience different kinds of experience, and not just go straight to the olympics, you can try out this few sports events, but first,here's a tip, do not discriminate any volunteer role, because if you do, you wont be able to appreaciate it. :)
5. Sukma Malaysia is a good place to start, though they will usually recruit their local state volunteers because no accomodation will be provided, i think you're 22 years old right? So, I would highly recommend the coming Sea Games 2009, in Laos. that im sure will be very challenging. If not, the coming World Games 2009 in KaoHsiung, Taiwan, is great too! Of course the Asian Games 2010 in Guangzhou, which is one of our main plans actually. Another international world event that you can also consider is the World Cup 2010 in South Africa (im considering this option at the moment! even tho i dont understand football, but hey, thats challenging) and then the London Olympics 2012, do you see my point? yes, you definitely have a long way to go, but that doesnt mean you cannot try other events first for experience wise. :) and like i say, one thing always leads to another.... as long as you keep doing something, its an effort and you will have result... :)

keep in touch!

NEWS - Guang Ming Daily - 鼓勵更多青年加入‧奧運志工巡迴分享

Dr Lim.
Dr. Heng
Fei Wen
Joanne Joyce
(missing in pic is Kwang Yen,
who is currently still in Beijing,
serving the PARALYMPICS!!!! :) )

Friday, September 5, 2008

We Are Back !!!
Malaysia Boleh !!!



马来西亚 京奥志愿者完成任务归来,除了张广元小姐继续服务残奥会外,其余九位已安全回国,并在九月四日下午由阳光青年组织召开发布会,分享在奥运的喜悦与工作的情况与乐趣。





Wednesday, September 3, 2008


水立方泡泡吧 - Bubble Bar


福娃 “欢欢”

与一班CATHY AIRLINE 的服务员在 水立方与鸟巢外欢跳。





香港小姐兼影星 - 杨思琦

我的好战友 - B18组


清华紫荆23号楼,室友- 菲律宾华裔,MARK LAO 劉彦汶

@【H2O】3 ,水立方- LOKE ,陸志雄