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Monday, September 8, 2008

Xie Xie, Thank You, Terima Kasih, Merci Beaucoup, Obrigada, Arigato, Hapkhunka, Kamsahameeda, Nandree

Dear All,

I'm back home in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and happy to meet you guys here again! Before I post some of my interesting pictures, there are some important things that I need to do first...:)
Please allow me to thank several people for the wonderful Beijing Olympics experience. Without them, my trip wouldn't be as smooth and memorable as it is now! THANK YOU infinity to -

1. Mr.Loh
2. Big Bro, KK Tang
3. Fei Wen...you are the best!
4. All the other Malaysian Volunteers for caring for me always. I am VERY touched. (they really treated me like a baby...especially Dr. Lim) Thanks Kwang Yen for sending me off, Joyce, Joanne for being such helpful friends, Sean, Loke and Dr.Heng for bringing laughters.
5. Hao Qiang Lao She and Wang Jing Lao She
6. My fellow venue mates and hostel mates!!!!Love you guys lots...thank you Fiona, Minq, Ivy, Lisa, Dan Dan and all the others for the great company.
7. The midnight crew, Michael, Isaac,Alex, Luo, Jerry, Yang....you guys rock!
8. My cousin Sharon and Auntie Christie for their awesome hospitality (we need more time for shopping).

Gosh, am getting emotional now...relax girl....breathe in & out...hahaha...now to the pictures...happy viewing and I didn't regret for not going for my Convocation in University of Malaya!Beijing Olympics 2008, YOU are already part of me

Welcoming dinner by Qiao Ban for Wukesong Chinese Overseas Volunteer (I am in the 1st row,in brown)

Taking the Oath on behalf of the Chinese Overseas Volunteers. (I am next to the flag)

Entrance to the Baseball Venue

Huge poster..hahaha :)

Ticketing during Night Shift

Ivy and I DID it! 1500++ pieces
Spectators Services during Morning Shift

Under the HOT and SUNNY sun...
Working Equipment 1 (Tickets and Pass censor)
Working Equipment 2 (Mini Amplifier)

Till the next time, I promise more pictures to come.hehehe, got to go soon...have been in the internet cafe for coming 4 hours!For those you want to see more, do log into Facebook.




taylineo said...

TANIA!! I'm so jealous of you! You must have had SUCH AN EXPERIENCE! I love your volunteer t-shirt! What did you do there actually? Looks like you did many things. Tell tell tell!

Fei Wen said...

tania! ur photos are awesome! esp the SPS validating machine and the amplifier!!!! hahah cos i didnt get that for myself, i feel so GLAD there's a picture of it, hahahah!!!!~

thats what i mean, when i say, i think of 'tickets' when i hear beijing huan ying ni, because i hear it every single day!!~ :)