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Monday, September 8, 2008


Hi Khaitzong,

this is feiwen here, saw your msg from themovs.blogspot chat box.
just thought i'd write u a brief email. not that i can help you,
but here's what u can do to keep yourself updated regarding the London Olympics 2012. :) :) :)
whatever volunteer or plans you wish to embark on, first, KNOW YOUR OBJECTIVE.

ask yourself, what is your objective? before you consider anything further, with a clear objective, you will see a clearer direction for yourself, do you know your objective?

Another important tips, every volunteer experience is unique. :)
Even between the 10 of us, we have 101 and different story to share!
So be it volunteering in sports, charity, kids, homeless, animal, etc....
You may realize you're good at something that you've never realize before!

After thinking abt your objective, you can maybe start with babysteps,
like below, thats what i would do, if i were to plan for London Olympics 2010,
its NOT a full proof plan, its only a guide though im sure you can do better. :)

1. keep checking the London Olympics 2012 official website, at the moment, the recruitment has not started yet.
2. if u have yahoo email or gmail, you can subscribe to their News Alert Services,(not sure if hotmail provides it, its a lousy email tool anyway!) news alerts are very helpful. just put in the keywords 'london olympics volunteer' it will generate international and local news related to the keywords
3. Do visit out blog once in a while, we may not have any updates now as these are all still under planning, it will take some time, do be patient, but we shall update our blog if we do come across any related news.
4. In the meantime, there are many other volunteers event locally, you could get yourself involved with local organization or take up a skill, if you're interested to experience different kinds of experience, and not just go straight to the olympics, you can try out this few sports events, but first,here's a tip, do not discriminate any volunteer role, because if you do, you wont be able to appreaciate it. :)
5. Sukma Malaysia is a good place to start, though they will usually recruit their local state volunteers because no accomodation will be provided, i think you're 22 years old right? So, I would highly recommend the coming Sea Games 2009, in Laos. that im sure will be very challenging. If not, the coming World Games 2009 in KaoHsiung, Taiwan, is great too! Of course the Asian Games 2010 in Guangzhou, which is one of our main plans actually. Another international world event that you can also consider is the World Cup 2010 in South Africa (im considering this option at the moment! even tho i dont understand football, but hey, thats challenging) and then the London Olympics 2012, do you see my point? yes, you definitely have a long way to go, but that doesnt mean you cannot try other events first for experience wise. :) and like i say, one thing always leads to another.... as long as you keep doing something, its an effort and you will have result... :)

keep in touch!

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