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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

brief list of international sports events

hi all, movs and strangers included,
its fei wen here.
i dont know if u get the same response so far,
after your return from beijing,
many people are keen to learn about ur experience,
look at your photos and admire ur courage,
appreciate your work, and wish to know how they
can also experience a once in a lifetime experience?
i think its really meaningful, to be able to share,
hehe, dont scold me BUT like i always say, haha!!
"little things that we do has such big positive effect
to even people we dont know! :)"
i was just writing a msg to a friend,
and i realize how much i wanted her to realize
and participate this volunteer experience as well,
i think sports are the easiest to accommodate,
cos it brings and unite people together,
objective is important and personal interest,
you can choose to volunteer in charity organization
such as mercy malaysia or world vision program,
but because i know i cant handle the idea
that people is suffering in front of me,
and i cant help them, i'd be devastated,
and also because im not confident with charity org,
i even use to consider to voluneer in U.N.
but because i dont have a specific skill
that seem to fit the picture (& no confidence)
i've long let the idea pass, and i realize the hyper me
are more suitable for outdoor and people oriented
events such as SPORTS!!!!
NOW,these are the sports events i would be looking at,
if i was not chosen as volunteer for the Beijing Olympics.
These are linked to the official or volunteers site,
please mouse over the words if you wish,
please note that with smaller sports events
you might NOT SEE a volunteers site.
that doesn't mean you have no way at all!
it means you have to put in extra effort!
to find the contact yourself :) BUT BE WISE!
World Games 2009, Kaohsiung, Taiwan (July)
SEA Games 2009, Laos, (December)
Olympic Winter Games 2010, Vancouver, Canada (Feb)
World Cup 2010, South Africa (June-July)
Asian Games 2010, Guangzhou, China (November)
Commonwealth Games 2010, Delhi (October)
London Summer Olympics, 2012 (July/August)
So....what do you like?
be wise, be confident
impossible is nothing
(Adidas slogan!! haha)

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William said...

Wah.... I must volunteer I must volunteerrr....

William G.