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Sunday, August 3, 2008


This is Mr. Mao Ze Dong,
a brilliant statue shot in the university grounds
of Jiao Tong University, established 112 years ago,
funny enough thats when the modern olympics started,
so its really a meaningful study place,
walking in the schol ground, hot as it may be,
its beautiful ................there's lots of trees!
a big pond clean and serene in the middle of the college

that WAS our Welcome Dinner on upon our arrival,
we meet soooooooooooooooooo many people!
i came up with a solution to rmb their names & origin!
Like this......some i hardly even talk to!
from left is KK Malaysia, Singaporean Guy,
Vivian Panama and Jeanne Chicago, USA.
Today at 4pm,
there was a welcome ceremony with performances,
speeches, i remember clearly the lady said
"no matter how many languages there is in this world,
no language can ever describe this experience"
poem reading, cheerleading and
the PROUDEST moment for me as an MOV
was when they announce,
there are only 300 plus overseas volunteers from 24 countries!
about 200 plus of them consist of 黑龙江/陕西/香港volunteers!
and believe it or not the rest is 华人华侨, which is us!!!!
i was thinking how absolutely privelege is that???
we cheer super loud (with the help of the American volunteers)
YAYYYYYYYYYYYY when they announce MALAYSIA!!!
it would be perfect if they have all venues all volunteers
coming together, and perfect 10 can sit together and cheer
Malaysia Boleh!!!!~~~
the most MOVING experience for me was the Olympic Torch,
these are two volunteers from the provinces of China,
they share with us their moments and also motivate us,
and they pass the torch around the hall for each and everyone
to experience that very very significant moment
of holding a very important symbol of the Olympics!

i was so moved, i did not teared,

it was a very humbling moment for me personally.

Jeanne Chicago helped me with this pic.

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