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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

tennis - reporting day

our first meal of the day: breakfast with
yoghurt drink, bread,eggs, strawberry jam, more
Olympic Green Park Tennis, main court.
lunch break.
then herbie felt so tired, he slept like everyone else.
herbie woke up again to collect uniforms.
he also mingle with the team, this is the team its kinda like
multitasking volunteers, where we act as support team,
to other departments, that means we have to know
and learn everything so we can help when situation arises!

break time is here, and jing jing, one of the fuwa

is here doing her rehearsal too!

all in all its a peaceful but tiring day

of walking around the venue and under the sun.


Malaysian Olympic Volunteers said...

my dear fei wen
ur yellow fuwa is ying ying la...
jing jing is panda :p

take care


Kouk Ping said...

My sister, Jap Pei Ye, is one of the Malaysian Olympic Volunteers. She is now in Beijing, staying at the hostel of People's University.

Can anyone of you contact her and give her support? She has paid RMB1,080 for the accommodation. So expensive.


Fei Wen said...

Dear Kuok Ping,

Yeap, i paid about RMB560 for staying 15 days only, so it makes sense if ur sister will be here for a long time too.

you mean Ren Min University? does she have a local mobile number? u can email it to me at tri_wen@yahoo.com i'll check with my friends who is in renmin and whether they know her or not,cheers!