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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tennis - evening shift

we had a change of shift, cos the tennis matches
now begins only about 4pm in the evening.
i saw Novak Djokovic, from Serbia in the schedule,
so i went to the courts to check him out in person,
just like what Guo Yao, Montreal said,
Djokovic is just like a match stick
striaght long face, straight everything!!!~~
our evening shift begins from 130pm, because the games begins at 4pm.
here we are counting tickets, not sure about the figure,
but i think it was about 17,000 plus....
our ticket checking booth continue way till late at night,
the apron is HOT, it glows in the dark, it can blink blink too! thats our SUPPER pack in boxes,
these people feed us full around the clock.
really appreciate all that careful consideration for our stomach. thats the QUIET main alley to the venues,
because every single audience is watching tennis games in the courts!
i must say night shift may be more cooling and less stressful,
but its really a tiring process as we had to wait until every single spectator
leaves the stadium before we can sign out!!!!! here we are waving bye bye!!!
it was 2am in the morning when we arrive in Carol's USA Room,
We had to shower in her room, cos the bathroom in our dorm,
is CLOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! duh....
that's Martin Cambridge eating in the room, that's the INTERNATIONAL FRUIT PLATTER THAT WE GET.
WOW...........................im like, why didnt they give us earlier?
i miss FRUITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahah

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