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Thursday, August 28, 2008

singing together.

now that we're back in Mas (most of us anyway. :) )
i guess we really dont have much CURRENT stuff to update,
but we could be NOSTALGIC and look back to the
past few weeks that just flew past us in a blink!
these are some of the things that we do,
caught on camera by other volunteers,
here, i manage to SPOT myself, (front row, 3rd from left)
in one of my Czech friend's facebook photo album!
the song goes in translation briefly,
Multitasking Crew are the best crew,
When the weather is hot, we deliver water,
When its raining, we can stand in for you,

we are the "chao ji wu di sai ya xiao feng dui" lol....

something something Super Team la... they trained for days, while we the foreign volunteers,

only get like 10 times training in 30mins... (##)

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