Volunteers' smile

Sunday, August 3, 2008

KK & FeiWen to Jiao Tong University

our first encounter with the city volunteers
asking for directions, and they end up,
asking to take pictures with us,
KK gave them some of the postcards we brought too.!
looking for the train station in the city
that is such a WELCOMING SIGHT!!!
finally after an hour or so, we found our destination.
it was a BUS - TRAIN - BUS and our
local coordinatror, Mr.Zhang Bo,
who drove his car, to sent us from the South Gate
to the East Gate where we stay....
more on that later, the rest of the volunteers
has more pictures!!!! please post!!! we miss you already!!!
me and KK hang out with the local volunteers for lunch.
and we went seperate for our own programmes!

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