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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Greetings from Beijing

Dear All,

Hi and it's Tania...finally I get to online and post something in this blog. For a sneak preview, I'll upload some random pictures of my journey thus far.
I am working in Baseball Field 2 in crowd control and ticketing. Will also be able to go to the Basketball Stadium to enjoy the air-cond after being under the hot sun the whole day.

Happy viewing. More to come soon. Cheers

Beijing Institute of Technology
Roomates Blok #5 Room 228Welcoming dinner from Qiao Ban
Table mate during dinner.haha
At Wukesong Basketball StadiumGymnasts rehearsing in WKSMy working place Baseball Stadium 2During training

Family pictureRehearsalMy working "spot"Welcoming nite from UniversityItaly, Brasil, Thai, Msia, Brasil

More pictures to come soon. Till then, Take care!


Elaine Chung said...

Yo Tania! Post the pictures in a bigger size la! wanna have a clearer view of the places too! Any luck to sneak yourself into the badminton court?

cindy said...

leng lui,
u all look vr vr enjoy thr.. but how come kwang yen never write anything yt de?? haha
jia you n take k ya =)

Ruby said...

Yoyoyoy Tania Piao Mei.....apa khabar di sana yah? Apa nieee...di Baseball court??? Ada yang "hensam" arrr?? Patut ada kan??
Your fren is correct...send lah more pics...and bigger lah...
How was the opening? it was grand....U had a great view of the opening? How ar?
I tried to sms u...u didnt reply...apa jadi??