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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fei Wen Says Bye Bye Beijing Olympics

My roommate looked at my stuff and SHUDDERS
WIDE EYED and asking me if i'm ever gonna fit all that
in my tiny little luggage ...... (i dont fancy big luggage)

Herbie choose to RUN AWAY from his responsibility,
by going online to FACEBOOK and randomly
adds people that he knows throughout the volunteer stint.
(no he didn't volunteer, he's just here to be in the way)

I seriously dont know where to start,
I packed from 12am - 5am.
What did I do before that? visit other volunteers,
and give out the remaining souvenirs that i've saved for them.

more souvenirs for friends and family back home

i barely slept..... the next day .....
11am, i checked out and suddenly i felt so ALONE.
everyone that i know is either in Hockey or Tennis,
busy getting their work done, while i'm here, standing.

this is Terminal 3.... wrong terminal for me actually,
hahah, but i hang around here to send out some postcards

At the airport, I met my boss in the departure area,
we catch up, got on the same flight..... 30mins later in the air,
there were flames smoking on the right wing,
the pilot decided quickly to return to beijing airport,
and this is what i saw when they tow the plane back
after we land safely (which by the way, everyone CLAPPED!)
there were ambulance and firetrucks but i couldnt get it on time.
they declared the plane UNSERVICEABLE, so they put us
up in a hotel with dinner and breakfast for the next day,
and a connecting flight at 9am, all courtesy of Malaysia Airlines.

ts not such a bad thing after all, considering we're all SAFE.
we also met Marcus, my CEO and his family, who were
there to watch the Olympic games, AND
we're also on board with the Malaysian
National badminton athletes!!!~~
they look so much better and fitter in person.
just randomly grab a pic, cos i think they're rushing
to get their stuff too...
That's Lee Chong Wei, silver medalist of the Olympics
Badminton Mens Singles.

the crazy big bunch of welcome party and news crew

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