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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

1 Day Holiday Before My Departure

what does Fei Wen plans to do with her
1 day holiday, and 1 day before she depart?
of course she will go sightseeing in this historical city!
Lamma Temple (Yong He Gong)
We could enter the Lamma Temple for FREE
with our volunteer's passes, cool.
we bought some incense before we enter,
apparently its really 'effective'
what you wish for is what you will get
so herbie & i made a little wish
while Olivia Canada made hers too.
i must say this is the first Lamma temple
i've ever really visited, its a worthwhile experience
inside this GRAND building stands the
TALLEST buddha statue, about 18m high,
but no picture taking is allowed.....
i didnt see it anyway, cos we were busy talking
to Tyler from MTV, and the door was closed
before we realized..... :(
we head to Guo Mao station to meet up with Jeanne
this is a really PLEASANT sight that greeted us!
the famous brand new CCTV building!!!
we literally take shots of it from EVERY angle!
because Olivia is majoring in Architecture,
so buildings like this means much more to her,
its really nice to see how just a building,
could make someone so happy and awed,
and spend the next 30minutes or so,
walking around the block,
too see EVERY angle
and a FULL VIEW of it came to sight,
we sighed happily, the long walk was worth the while!

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