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Sunday, August 10, 2008


you have no idea how helpless i felt today.
i knew things are going to be tough here,
and we all have our limits too, TODAY IS A RAINY DAY,
we from SPS (Spectator Services) are the frontliners,
we deal with the audiences as they have queries,
and as our leader has put it
"all that we had anticipated during practice has happened,
in addition to that, worst case has happened today too"
im really in a very very very down mood right now,
i could only depend and rant on and on about the problems,
but i know i have to be stronger, i didnt know who to talk to,
i know i should be adult enough to handle this problems myself.
play was delayed,
play was suspended,
play was cancelled,
EVERY SINGLE decision from the tennis federation,
is crucial to us as we relay the information to the audience,
and try to solve their problems as best as we can,
but there are times when these problems can't be solved,
its just frustrating, especially rules are rules,
and its just not meant to be bend, its a lot of
reasons of these decisions that we need to respect and understand,
but there are people who don't, and thats why,
we are in a very challenging task to convince them,
im going through prbbly the toughest training on
selling. im really really sad today with all these.
but tomorrow will be another day. go volunteer!

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Anonymous said...

Jaga Badan,jangan jatuh sakit woh....!! Take care !!