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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wanted: fringing Olympics commentators

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Ever wanted the whole world to hear your sports play-by-play?

Ever thought to be a commentator but your tongue gets twisted when you try to talk that fast?

Now’s your chance to jump straight to the Olympics no less, even without a Sports Channel CV!

If you’re already booked to go to China to either participate (good luck!) or watch The Games (good for you!), then we may have an offer you can’t refuse. We’re looking for fringsters at the Olympics to share their experiences with the rest of us less-lucky folks who won’t see it live and who can’t be glued to our TVs while at work or running around all day!

We will happily provide the fring Olympics commentators with a 3.5G mobile phone with GPS, camera, local SIM card and (almost) unlimited data plan. In return, the fringCommentator will regularly micro-blog with quick updates & pictures (the winner, the loser, the cutest flag-bearer, the poor girl who lost her swimsuit, the poor guy who dropped the baton in the 4×100 meter final… you get the idea). If you’re a real sports enthusiast you may focus more on the records; if you’re more of a night owl, we may all live vicariously through your night-time escapades in the Olympic village - pics & videos most welcome!

Interested fringentators should apply here with a quick intro why you’d like to play and why you can share regular captivating microblogs from China with other fringsters worldwide.
Remember to include your fring ID so we can discuss details.

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