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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sunshine Youth

is the organization (ORANGE SHIRT :)!!!)
that has,
right from the start conduct the
1. Group Examination
2. 1 to 1 interview
3. Selection Process
4. Getting in touch with local Chinese Embassy
5. Getting us involved with activities
6. Assisting us in preparing official letters
7. Submitting our visa application
8. press & publicity
9. support system
10. lots of hope & best wishes
a lot la....
Here's one of the youth camp,
that they invited us along to help,
personally i'm way over that 'holiday camp' since high school
but because of the other volunteer members,
i guess it would be fun to mingle around!
it was Christmas month in 2007....
Joyce, Tania, Loke & I was assigned to take care of
30 kids and to plan for a visit to an Old Folks Home.
The Meet n Greet old folks in a nice chirpy way!
Group 1 - to decorate the mini Christmas Tree
(which cost only RM40 for everything!)
Group 2 - practice Chinese Christmas Carols
Group 3 - hang out/ chat / breakfast /
massage the elders.
They are amazing these kids, multilingual!
Apart from Malay/English/Mandarin/
teochew/foochow they can do ANY dialects
and communicate with them!
the rock and roll Atuk, we call him, :)
and he speaks only english and cantonese!
They must be really old, cos they told us stories
from the Japanese Occupation days, and
they were then about 7 yrs old.....
Group 4 - clean up the garden (exterior)
and also the rooms (interior)
--- TA-DA !!! END RESULT--Dong Zhi - a chinese festival, (Winter Solace)
celebrating the arrival of winter in December,
a time where family gathers and eat this pink little
flour balls...cooked in ginger soup,
dip with peanut sauce.
some like it, but some doesnt,
me? im not crazy about it,
but i always like to eat it if there's some!
That's Tania behind me, and directly opposite us
in orange is Joyce, and Eric in the front row.
group singing thingy
barbeque....corn corn corn... didnt eat it though,
so we are grateful for the support they
have been giving us, we also wish them
all the best in organizing more activities
in future, and hopefully, the legacy continues!

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Anonymous said...

Feiwen : Thanks for the info about Sunshine! Do you know any org. dealing with Malaysian Orphanage Shelter? One of my dreams is to help orphans to have a better life. KKTee