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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tania Teoh

Age: 24
Currently: A STUDENT
Assigned Volunteer Venue: WU KE SONG STADIUM
Assigned Voluteer Task: GUEST SERVICE

1. Motivation to apply & volunteer for Beijing Olympics 2008? My main motivation to volunteer for the Olympics is - It has been my dream to represent Malaysia in the Olympics since I became a badminton player. Now that I have resigned from BAM and competing in Universities level, I feel that this is the best chance for me to fulfill my dream. For me,to be able to represent Malaysia as a Volunteer in this prestigious event is equally an honour. Even though I have to give my Convocation a pass, I know that it will be worth while.

2. Tell us about your application experience and problems you face & how do you overcome them? This is a tough one as I'm not very good in Chinese because I'm English educated but I am determine and I believe in persistent. The process of interviewing is still clearly in my mind. It was very difficult to sit for a Chinese written exam when you only know less than 1% of the words in the examination sheet. I have to thank the selection commitee to allow a translator to assist me. Thank you Alex, my translator. Kwang Yen, who told me about the application and the whole Sunshine Youth Team especially to Jason and Yen Yoon.

3. What do you think about all the applicants & Sunshine Youth Organization? Any memorable experience? The applicants are all from very different backgrounds and everyone is equally good and excels in their field. I totally feel that if it was not because of the quota, more volunteers will be recruited to our team. Congratulations and thank you to Mr.Loh because he has done a great job and it is definately not easy to choose. My most memorable experience is still got to be the process of interviewing.

4. What are the activities in the past that you've done? if not, what are the activities you plan to do or prepare in order to equipped yourself better for this coming volunteer? Before going for the Olympics Volunteer interviewing, I have been actively involve in various sports related events. I have volunteered in events organised by the Olympic Council of Malaysia for the past 2 years, assisted my lecturers in sports related conferences and summits, presented a research poster in the 4th Sports Medicine and Sports Science International Conference organised by the National Sport Institute and volunteered in badminton events organised by UM's Sports Centre. (If u want more detailed information, I can e-mail you the exact name and dates of the events I have mentioned) As for my preparations, I have been sharpening my French and conversational Mandarin so that I will be able to communicate well with the guests and other volunteers around the world.

5. Is there anyone in particular you wish to thank? If there is one person I need to thank, it would have been Mr.Loh for believing in me. I will do my best and leave a positive impression to everyone in the Games and share with the others the beauty of my country, Malaysia. The Perfect 10 Can!!! ;-)

6. What are your plans now?
My current plan is to save more money for the trip.;-), read more about Malaysia and my job responsibilities in Beijing.

7. What do you look forward to the games?
I must say the Opening Ceremony because all these years, I have watched the Opening through TV, this time, it will be DIFFERENT!!I also look forward to a successful Beijing Olympics Games and all the best to our Malaysian Athletes.

8. How would you introduce Malaysia country to volunteers from all over the world?
My main goal is to be an efficient volunteer and job oriented. I want to be remembered as "The Malaysian Volunteer" in my Venue. hahah, as for promoting Malaysia, this can surely be done during our off days or during meal intervals. I am so proud and happy to be one of the Malaysian Olympic Volunteer Team! Thank you guys for making this happen!!!

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Wa caya sama lu ! Tania!