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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ni Hao, Apa Khabar?,Bonjour, Bom Dia, Sawadee, Hi.

Dear All,

Hi and how is everyone doing? This is my first post in this blog. So as a matter of courtesy, I NEED to introduce myself. ;-)

Good day guys, I am Tania Teoh, a University Malaya Student and like the other Malaysian Olympic Volunteers, we would like to WELCOME you. Yes, it's you...to this blog.

Here are some interesting pictures of the Malaysian Olympic Volunteers.

Happy viewing and till we meet again.Cheers!

(Description of Pictures)

Pic 1: In the midst of the written test (KK in Black, Alex from Sunshine Youth in maroon n Me holding my head)

Pic 2: While waiting for the results (L-R; Kwang Yen, Tania, Joanne, Joyce, Yen Yoon in yellow tie, Loke, KK and Fei Wen) -guy in white shirt, Unidentified....sorry-

Pic 3: After announcing the selected Volunteers (Jason with striped tie, Mr.Loh with the file, Yen Yoon in yellow tie and Alex in maroon)

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