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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tennis - last shift, chinese phenemonen,5am.

5am is the time when KK HEADS to HOCKEY.
5am is the time when FeiWen RETURNS from TENNIS
We met at a bridge, this morning, the sun was just rising
KK was going to take a bus, while FeiWen just got down from the bus.

I guess it was well worth the hours from the rising of the moon,
as the Chinese Women's Doubles played against the Russians,
until the moon dissappear when the Chinese prevails the match,
it was the longest wait, with the cold breeze beating on us,
standing outside at the exit, not able to watch the game,
but were able to experience the supporters cheers,
and also saying good night and thank you to appreciative audiences,
as they leave the stadium gradually.......


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