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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Reporting from TSINGHUA University and WATERCUBE

hi everyone,
4 of us (joanne, joyce, kwangyen & loke) have checked-in to Tsinghua Uni and reported to duty at National Aquatic Centre (aka Watercube).

THU is a very big Uni... more than 4,000 acres... our rooms are twin sharing with AC, TV, phone, internet... with housekeeping everyday (just like a hotel =D) ... common bathroom on each floor. THU live up to their name for being one of the top Uni in China. Everything is well organised and prepared, from registration to check-in. All of us have a buddy which is THU student... a "1+1 program". They are the 1st one to respond to us when help is needed. We have to report to our buddy everyday before 10pm... They are required to report to the Uni coordinator. 

on our 1st day to report to duty, we have to walk from our hostel which is situated near the Northeast entrance... all the way to the East entrance... the morning walk took us at least 30 mins (thats why all THU student needs a bicycle. from the East entrance, another 5 mins walk to the bus station to board the Olympic Bus No. 8 to the Watercube.

4 of us are posted to different departments... having different task.
Joanne (Me) - competition/swimming/technical person (i.e. technical officials / committee)
Joyce -technology/printing result distribution assistant
Kwang Yen - competition/general
Loke - guest services (all areas except the competition area)

its summer in Beijing and the weather is very hot... its still bearable. Working in Watercube is a blessing for us as the whole area is covered and air conditioned.

till we report again.


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