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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

8tv News

my colleagues were really sweet,
they actually downloaded our 8tv news clip,
and save it for me until i return from beijing olympics!
its really thoughtful of them, so i thought i'd share it here
with everyone else. :) thanks to all the reporters/journalists for the coverage.
hope it makes a difference in inspiring the younger generation to volunteer!

8tv news on 19th July 2008 - Launching of The Movs Blogspot

8tv news on 2nd August 2008 - The Movs Departure to Beijing Olympics

If you can't open the link, you can browse the 8tv official website to catch up the news! :)
1. 8tv.com.my
2. Choose 'Catch Up Tv'
3. Choose 'Mandarin News Live'
4. Choose the date of the news
5. Choose PART 3

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