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Saturday, August 9, 2008

7th & 8th Aug - Revision Day & Holiday!!!

after our rehearsal, the very next day,
we sat and rectify and go through situations,
that we foresee may happen and learn how to fix it.
learn very valuable things, as the local teach me how to use proper mandarin,
while Olivia Canada & I teach them how to use proper english.

that's Song from Mongolia, sharing his experience,

about Ulaanbatar and Genghis Khan stories. we had dinner at a hot pot place near our university.

that's Martin Cambridge, UK,

JiaXuan, Holland & Bo Melbourne that's Gerrard Belgium, we also celebrate his birthday, sweet.
8th Aug - HOLIDAY!

Jiao Tong top management came around to

give us some souvenirs too! thats the southgate of the jiao tong university.
after lunch we head for some sight seeing in Hou Hai.
hanging out with others in chinese starbucks.

From left, Olivia Canada, DaLi Luxembourg, Anthony San Francisco,

& Justin Texas, while Jeanne Chicago took the pic. we catch the opening at the university's screening room,

with the local volunteers, loudest cheer for the host country,

China, of course! :) Let the games begin!

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